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Media Hub Now Open – Excelsior Connect in the News

Excelsior Connect is New York’s clean energy solution.

The no fossil fuel generation solution.

The jobs and job training solution.

And the best value solution.

Excelsior Connect. It’s the Power of New York.

New York’s Clean Energy Infrastructure Solution.

AVANGRID’s Excelsior Connect delivers the underground renewable energy superhighway that will accelerate climate action with clean energy generated in New York to benefit New Yorkers.

With more resilience, more capacity and more reliability, Excelsior Connect is more than a promise realized; It’s the Power of New York.

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AVANGRID and the Excelsior Connect project will deliver a $50M investment into New York communities.

A global energy leader, AVANGRID has invested more than $15B in new energy infrastructure and technology, and now serves 24 states in the US, including 3.3 million energy customers in New York and New England.